It can pay to mix it up when you’re playing online games

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It can pay to mix it up when you’re playing online games

People who play online games often have their favourites. For some people it’s bingo, for others it’s the slots, but there’s a lot to be said for mixing it up a little and playing a bit of everything. Mrs Tracy S certainly found that a change was as good as a rest when she switched from her usual game and hit the jackpot, winning £5,465 on Wild Line Slots!

She said: “I have been a member of Jackpotjoy for years now and love playing bingo and the mini games at the same time. I was playing in the Sapphire room and was playing Tiki Island mini game but wasn’t having much luck so decided to change to Bullion Bonanza – a slot I don’t normally play.

“I played a few games and won a few quid here and there and was just looking at the pay table to see what the winning symbols paid out when I decided to have another spin. All of a sudden the three gold bars came up, I was very much in shock when I looked at my balance and realised I had won the jackpot!! I couldn’t speak and my husband and children were looking at me like I was mad!”

“You never dream it’s going to happen to you but oh my God it’s a shock when it does!! Thank you very much Jackpotjoy, you have made me very happy just in time for Christmas!”

If you’ve not played multi-line slots, then don’t worry, there are no complicated rules to learn and no need to develop a strategy. Whether you win the jackpot or not is completely random. The only requirement to be eligible for the jackpot on Bullion Bonanza is that you need to click on Bet Max each time you spin the reels, meaning that you’re putting the maximum possible bet on.

If you’re not playing for the jackpot, you can choose how many lines you play per spin, and you can see on the paytable on the game screen which combinations of symbols will give you a win.

With the online slots at Jackpotjoy, you can set them to Auto Spin, which means the game will play a number of spins consecutively, freeing you up to play other games at the same time – just like Mrs S sometimes does.

Of course, though the jackpot is won at random, Mrs S seems to have developed a winning formula!

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