Gambling Casinos Should Be So Lucky – Stock and Commodity Markets & Media Exploits

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Gambling Casinos Should Be So Lucky – Stock and Commodity Markets & Media Exploits

Every day the market rises and falls, and cable and newspapers financial services companies attempt to explain these disorders. Whenever there is a strong selling or rebound, they try to rationalize what happened, why it happened, what will happen, and then everyone can have fun in the process. But what does that really mean?

Nothing could so easily throw rubber ducks in a river, each with a different company name on it, and see which one. One of them down the river fast It could well be that the best analysts. In time with peaks of their actions, seriously, there is much to say on pure luck, and throws darts at pictures or company logo with letters

However, you should ask about this daily barrage of advertising and absurd me, as if it really matter? Can you imagine if the game industry has had to explain to 4 U.S. cable channels on each table, each floor of the casino, or try to win the winners and losers, or lost money – and how and why it just might in the future? Because, as Wall Street and the products of the Chicago Stock Exchange are really nothing more than casinos and gambling huge, yes, they have a better chance than any casino, but it’s just a game, but.

Even more interesting is that we base our entire economy and the sustainability of our economic future in indexes or commodity prices. We use this information to policy and politicians who actually work then talk to whenever you think the market is likely to develop suddenly or dramatically. Calls for more regulation, less red tape and fighting for media professionals. This has created nothing more than a few realities actually meaningless in Washington DC.

Political and economic analysts tell us that the economy is the stock market, and the best judge is to follow in six months watching the stock market today on the future of economic knowledge. But when the stock market is manipulated and gamed at every step, and it is true that the waiting time of six months is real, then this is the tail wagging-dog and all economic cycles and policies continue to be driven by a group of dogs a board game.

Yes, I know that you have this old cartoon and not seeing much to say. Unfortunately, everything is a lie, on the basis of a casino, it seems legitimate media credibility, as I have done something, or we are on real economic activity, it is not. Everything is a joke and the joke is on you. How do you feel about this?

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